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Poop, on your makeup brushes?

POOP! 💩 On your makeup brushes? Never, right?

Unfortunately, leaving your makeup and brushes on the counter exposes them to the air in your bathroom and it may be a dangerous decision! “Anything you apply to your face should be kept out of the path of toilet germs...”

“Plus, if you store your makeup in your bathroom, the room's moisture can make it even more susceptible to bacteria growth. Keep beauty supplies out of grime's way in drawers or boxes, and clean brushes and replace makeup as necessary.” -Good Housekeeping 2014

Three steps to help:

1. Make sure the lid of the toilet is fully closed before flushing.

2. Make sure your makeup and brushes are dry when they are put away and don’t leave them out on the counter.

3. ALWAYS wash your hands before washing your face or applying you makeup to avoid spreading germs onto your skin!

Any other germaphobes in the house? Leave a 🙋🏼‍♀️ and let me know what things you avoid to stay germ free!

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