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  • What is an esthetician?
    An esthetician provides services focused on skin care including, but not limited to, skin treatments, facials, waxing and in my case, lash lifts!.
  • What part of Los Angeles is your spa located?
    My spa is located in the Culver City/Palms area.
  • What is a Lash Lift?
    Lifts are a semi-permanent treatment that curls your lashes upward so you can ditch the eyelash curler! It is essentially a perm for your natural lashes- but don’t let the word “perm” scare you. When done by a certified professional, lash lifts are absolutely safe!
  • How long does a Lash Lift last?
    Lash lifts can last anywhere from 6-8 weeks but we schedule your relift at 5 weeks.
  • ⁣How much does a Lash Lift cost?⁣
    The investment is less than half the amount you would spend on a full set of extensions!⁣ $100 for a Lash Lift and Tint!
  • How is getting a lash lift different than getting lash extensions?⁣
    Lash lifts use professional products to temporarily perm and curl your lashes making them look longer and fuller. Eyelash extensions add a synthetic lash-like hair addition to your eyelash with glue.⁣
  • What are the ingredients in your Lightning Lash Keratin Conditioner?
  • The best piece of advice my grandma ever gave me?
    Stay away from aholes and take your vitamins, it keeps you young.
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